Call for Student Speaker

Call For Student is one of the subevent held by TEDxUniversitasAirlangga which provides a place for students of Universitas Airlangga to become the speaker in TEDxUniversitasAirlangga 2021. In this occasion, TEDxUniversitasAirlangga is calling students to be the speakers to perform on TEDxUniversitasAirlangga's IGTV and the following main event.


Final Announcement

The following names have been chosen to be the student speakers on TEDxUniversitasAirlangga 2021. We are looking forward to collaborating with you and contributing to the success of TEDxUniversitasAirlangga 2021.

Thank you to all participant! Keep your spirit.
Your ideas worth to spread

Harits Aufaa Abyan Fawwas

FTMM '20

Frida Febrianti Kirana

FKM '19